Family malting since 1823

For 200 years now, since 1823, we as a malt factory have stood for tradition and quality in malt production. Our locations in the heart of Bavaria have enabled us to produce an extensive portfolio of high-quality malts over generations. Our priority is always to meet the requirements of our customers. We invite you to discover the variety and quality of our products and convince yourself of the quality of our malt products.

Over 200 years of experience


Foundation of the company in Hutschdorf

Johann Heinrich Schütz founds the company in Hutschdorf. At that time, it comprised agriculture, a malt house, a brewery and an inn. The business was continued and expanded over the next two generations by Johann and Christoph Schütz.


Specialization in the production of malt

August Schütz continues to run the business in the 4th generation. Brewery operations are completely shut down.


Commissioning the roasting drum

The production of malt coffee in the roasting drum provided a renewed economic upswing.


Malting plant in Harsdorf as second location

Wilhelm Schütz acquires the malting business in Harsdorf from the Limmer family. This second production facility increases the capacity of malt production.


Modernization of both plants

Following the handover of the two companies to the current owner Frank Schütz, the production facilities underwent extensive modernization.


Commissioning of a roasting drum in Harsdorf

In addition to the roasting drum in Hutschdorf, the production capacity for specialty malts is expanded by the new roasting drum in Harsdorf.


Modernization of the corporate design

We are strengthening our brand with a modernized external image to make our customers even more memorable – whether offline or online.

Contacts and locations

Frank Schütz

Phone: +49 (0) 9203 – 202

Laura Schütz

Phone: +49 (0) 9203 – 202

Jürgen Popp

Phone: +49 (0) 9203 – 202

Michael Vierling

Phone: +49 (0) 9203 – 202

Harsdorfer Malzfabrik

Frank Schütz e.K.
Zettmeiseler Straße 2
95499 Harsdorf

+49 (0) 9203 – 202

August Schütz e.K. Malzfabrik

Inh. Frank Schütz
Hutschdorf 48
95349 Thurnau

+49 (0) 9203 – 202

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Schuema malt types

Foto des Schuema Malzkaffees

Malt coffee

Malt coffee made with the greatest care according to an acient, traditional recipe from selected regional summer malting barley.

Foto des Schuema Basismalz

Base malt

Base malt provides a versatile basis for the production of beer, whisky and more.

Foto des Schuema Rauchmalz

Smoked malt

Smoked malt enables individual flavors through smoking agents such as peat, beech or hickory, especially in whisky production.

Foto der Schuema Malzkeimpellets

Malt culms pellets

Pelletized malt culms are suitable as animal feed or as organic fertilizer.

Foto des Schuema Röstgetreides

Roasted cereals

Roasted grain impresses with increased foam stability and intense roasted aromas.

Foto des Schuema Karamellmalz

Caramel malt

Caramel malt provides color, aroma and fullness for your recipe.

Foto des Schuema Röstmalz

Roasted malt

Roasted malt intensifies drinks and food with its deep taste and dark color.